Your predesign of a vinyl self-adhesive label

Your predesign of a vinyl self-adhesive label

Plastic self-adhesive security seals and films are used wherever the holographic film is not suitable in conditions of adhesivity. Vinyl labels are greatly suitable for sealing those parts of a repaired appliance which needs to be prevented from unauthorized openning. Refrangible plastic film is in general more suitable as a label onto the holes for screws on chassis of mobile phones and electronic appliances because holographic seal would in these cases be sticked only on the edges and that increases a possibility of a successful unsticking without a holographic drawing damaging. Preventing a hologram from unrecognized ripping off needs sticking as much metallic layer area as possible and that is unrealistic in case of bigger holes or spaces between them. Self-adhesive vinyl basal film used for printin plastic security films is characterized for a very high tearability when trying to ripp off or unstick the label. This characteristics does not require the label to be sticked by the whole area, it will always be needed to unstick it by individual parts as it breaks. In addition, it shows a better adhesivity to rough surfaces where holograms did not have to reach expected degree of prevention from usticking without damaging.

Instructions for ordering cautionary seals on vinyl basis cut in advance are written in sectionYour design.

Vinyl self-adhesive labels cut in advance

Minimal parameteres of 3 x 3 mm – a circle , a square, etc.

Maximally 2 colors

Your arbitrary design.

Orientative price list to parameters max 1,5 x 1,5 cm, no VAT inc.
1 000 pieces £102 £0.10  /pc
2 000 pieces £142 £0.07  /pc
5 000 pieces £171 £0.03  /pc
10 000 pieces £203 £0.02  /pc
50 000 pieces £406 £0.01  /pc

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