Your two layered design

Your two layered design

Two layered holographic design

The main production principle of this type of holographic effect dwells in multiple application of a same technology that is used in production of a classic 2D hologram. In a first phase a first layer of 2D schemas is „burnt“ and consequently a nother layer is „burnt“ upon it. A predesign for this hologram therefore needs to contain two or three 2D graphical motives which groundplans are overlayed. Motives in individual layers are then visible only at specific view angles or at the same time but differed by the colour crossings. Effects of holograms made like this are considered among the most impressive.

Holographic layers are completely independent and do not disrupt each other visually when observed; for pointing up the graphical manifestation of other layers the label needs to be slightly rotated to the source of light. Graphical data written in other layer than the one observed at that moment will not be visible at all or they will show completely different colour crossings. If it is favourable to write series number to an area of a predesigned holographic label of your application, this number can be written in the third holographic layer – you dont have to be limited in your design and you can use both holo layers for pictures, logos, graphics, emblems, symbols and texts just as is shown in the picture of a predesign for the production. Adding another layer with a completely independent text and a production or a series number is described in a section „Your predesign – two layered numbered hologram“. Identification data with arbitrary alphanumerical signs and numbers which are automatically incremented (there is a number larger of a unit on every layer one after another – there are no two produced with the same number) are burnt into the third layer.

Picture showing a demonstrational hologram can give you a clue of opportunities of 2D two layered holograms - there are no boundaries in using richer and finer graphical predesigns. Other texts can be placed to already mentioned third layer whre they will have a different visual demonstration as a layer 1 or 2. Above all that, every holographic etiquette can be printed by a screen printing. This, de facto, already fourth layer of a predesign can contain a series number, a production number, a charge labeling, a year of production labeling, a type of a product labeling etc. The layer of screen printing will be readable even at very bad light conditions and at any angle. More about this technique at Your predesign – With screen printing.

Informative price list of 2D two layered self-adhesive stickers to maximal parameteres of 2x2cm, no VAT inc.
1 000 pieces £199 £0.20  /pc
2 000 pieces £256 £0.13  /pc
5 000 pieces £325 £0.07  /pc
10 000 pieces £406 £0.04  /pc
50 000 pieces £691 £0.01  /pc
100 000 pieces £1138 £0.01  /pc


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