Your single layered design

Your single layered design

Single layered holographic design

Single layered holographic 2D design is based on a fact that data used for its production are derived from two-dimensional motive. It is not difficult to prepare graphical predesign and customers can do it themselves using wide-spread graphical editors. This exact type of self-adhesive stickers is known for the most incisively changing effects no matter what the lightning type is and even at the minimal light intensity. This is a typical and an immutable visual manifestation of the hologram and it is one of those characteristics that make it a unique security item or a decoration. The ragier the 2D predesign used for the production, the more unique and effective the visual effect of the sticker. Considering the extremely high diversity of graphical realization (app. 1400 lines at 1 mm according to the produciton technology) you do not need to worry about using extremely thin lines and motives when making the predesign. It is the delicate graphics that created the best colour creations which are strengthened when the angle of view is changed. When moving the hologram a change in colour of individual areas can occur as well as hiding or the opposite- visualizing of some picture information. All these described effects can be strengthened by creating a predesign of two 2D motives and their tagging together makes a two layered 2D hologram.

Informative price list of 2D single layered self-adhesive stickers to maximal parameteres of 2x2cm, no VAT inc.
1 000 pieces £142 £0.14  /pc
2 000 pieces £183 £0.09  /pc
5 000 pieces £203 £0.04  /pc
10 000 pieces £284 £0.03  /pc
50 000 pieces £528 £0.01  /pc
100 000 pieces £894 £0.01  /pc


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