Your screen or termotransfer printing design

Your screen or termotransfer printing design

Screen printing and termotransfer – another layer of a holographic seal design

Screen printing is a graphical technique of laying the colour on by extruding throuhg permeable areas of a templet (sieves). That is why it si sometimes called a templet printing. The colour is always pressed onto the top layer of the material in contrast with holographic techniques where graphical motives are impressed to a thin aluminic layer at the bottom of a load-bearing film. Colourful pattern therefore does not collide with the predesign and holographic layers distribution neither with a choice of adhesive basal media (e.g. a VOID film with a selective unsticking). You can prime any hologram with screen printing. The only condition for screen printing application is unchanging of a graphical motive – the same schema will be printed on every self-adhesive label.

Termotransfer technique is used when you need to number the labels – there is a different number on each etiquette. The most common termotransfer application for holographic etiquettes is series numbers printing. By this technique you can not only print the numbers but also letter chains or any other signs that are offered by graphical fonts. The pattern does not only have to contain signs but it also offeres an option of printing any bitmap or any avector predesign such as company logos, emblems, graphical identification signs etc. Termotransfer printing, just as screen printing, represents another full-value layer of your predesign that is diametrically different to others and therefore offers special options for reaching a planned graphical state.

Among basic advantages of a layer printed by screen printing belong:

  • a choice of arbitrary colour; on the other hand it is greatly limited with holographic parts of a predesign and it subjects to physical principles of holographic effects production
  • a graphics printed this way is radable in any lightning conditions anf under any observance angle
  • it is possible to use screen printing for automatical incrementing of e.g. a series number just as with numbering seals in laser burnt layers

  • Therefore use screen priting in your predesign as another layer if it is sutiable to use a concrete colour or always readable printed texts on your self-adhesive label.

    Informative prices that need to be counted to a design of any hologram if you want to use another additive layer by a screen printing or termotransfer technology. To maximal parameteres of 2x2cm, no VAT inc.
    1 000 pieces £102 £0.10  /pc
    2 000 pieces £130 £0.07  /pc
    5 000 pieces £191 £0.04  /pc
    10 000 pieces £236 £0.02  /pc
    50 000 pieces £297 £0.01  /pc
    100 000 pieces £528 £0.01  /pc

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    Example with termotransfer printing

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