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Multilayered holographic design with a zinc master

Single or two layered holograms create one or two separated reflective planes showing texts or pictures in characteristic colour crossings. It is possible to produce the holographic stickers by an easier technology . With this technology there is no need to produce so called „holographic master“ which is a predesign used for printing more advanced types of holograms. Production of this printing master is technologically challenging and its absence at single or two layered holograms’ production highly decreases their price. More advanced graphical ideas about the look and the manner of a hologram however, create a problem with a deficient number of layers used by this easier technology and lead to multilayered predesign and the „master“ preparation.

Technology of „master“ printing offers multilayered design of holographic etiquettes and a variety of graphical options such as texts and pictures in motion (kinetic effects), animated graphical motives (rotating spirals, opening abscissas, blinking eyes etc) and also stereoscopic or true 3D holograms (find in 3D section).

Graphical predesign of a hologram with master uses all levels of grey while every level represent another holographic layer. Therefore a layer that will be visible in a concrete observance angle. Crossings of levels of grey can then be simply reached by an animation of graphical emblems. Texts or logos can be shown in different shades of grey in multiple sticker parts, hiding and cisualizing when changing the observance angle.

Holographic master is a printing templet for printing holograms to a film with a metallic layer. Its final look is a glazed zinc sheetmetal with an uncountable numer of microscopical cavities incavated to created schemas according to your predesign. The price of this master is calculated individually for each order because it depends on the size of one holographic label and the number of them on one printing templet.

Informative price list of multilayered holographic design with a zinc master to maximal parameteres of 2x2cm, no VAT inc.
1 000 pieces £1016 £1.02  /pc
2 000 pieces £1056 £0.53  /pc
5 000 pieces £1138 £0.23  /pc
10 000 pieces £1219 £0.12  /pc
50 000 pieces £1544 £0.03  /pc
100 000 pieces £2031 £0.02  /pc
200 000 pieces £3738 £0.02  /pc


Example of multilayered holographic design with a master

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