Your 3D design

Your 3D design

3D design of a three-dimensional holographic picture

3D hologram uses the same printing media as any other holographic products. As a main material you can choose not only a film with a silver metallic layer but also a film of any colour from our offer. Three-dimensional visualization is not negatively affected by a choice of media’s colour as it is in 2D holograms where holographcal effect on colour films are a bit less outstanding as on a silver background. 3D hologram offers a real three-dimensional picture of a predesign observed by eyes without any special glasses, with normal lightning and in variety of observance angles. This visualizing technique offers a surprising depth of stereometric perception that is evident even at lighting conditions that are not very good. The maximal depth of stereometric presentment is reached at a full sunlight. When observing 3D hologram by one eye only each time from a different angle, you can see a different picture corresponding to looking at a predesign of an obejct in the same angle.

Design of a 3D pattern:

Creation of a graphical pattern of a 3D holographic self-adhesive sticker is much more complicated as a 2D predesign and requires relevant software accessories. There are 2 methods for creating a 3D picture of a real three-dimensional object . The first one needs a predesign to be done in 3D vectoral graphical programme such as Autodesk 3D Studio MAX (3ds Max, Maya, Rhino3D etc). Considering the hologram production, this method is the most suitable and therefore prefered and recommended. Apart from stereometric schemas you can also add 2D items (2D pictures, symbols and texts) into your predesign in this editor. 2D items can be placed into more layers and this way they can be visible at more areas according to actual sticker’s rotation or an observance angle. You can try the second method when there is an absence of programming accessories or no experience with difficult predesigns. This second option is to send the object that should be visualized on the hologram to our company’s address. We will take photos of this object from precisely defined angles and all photos will be digitally processed in order to create a holographic master. However, ti is important to keep in mind there will be higher financial costs of app. 14 days or this kind of order and also higher price for produciton of the holographic master.

Iniciation of 3D stickers‘ production always start with holographic „master“ production by which these stickers are later compressed. This is the difference between this kind of a process and the process used in single or two layered holograms where is a need of laser burnt master. The most important and also most expensive part of the whole production is the production and digital preparation of the master. The price for this holographic master is calculated differently everytime, according to the predesign’s complexity.

Apart from a different preparation of the graphical predesign and master usage requirement you can also use all other options as written in section Your predesign, when creating a final look of the sticker.

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Example of 3D holographic picture