Transparent holograms made in advance

Transparent holograms made in advance

When printing standard holographic self-adhesive sticker all areas besides text and graphics stay in final form of intact optical reflectional areas. The sticker produced this way always covers the place it is sticked on completely and inables reading texts and recognizing pictures to which it is eventually sticked on. If this characteristics is unwanted in your application, you can choose transparent hologram. Areas which create graphical items of individual holographic layers are semipermeable and mostly invisible from the angle perpendicular to the area of the sticker. After rotating to another angle individual layers are easily recognizable and create immutable colour crossing. Sticking the transparent hologram onto a picture or a text does not influence its readability and does not act disturbing even though i tis very recognizable and visible from other angles. This exact characteristics predestinates its usefulness where the presence of a holographic security item should not act disturbing and should not be used for the advertisement. This type of a hologram is highly suitable for sticking on corners of phorographs or other graphical labels sticked onto authorized documents so it will not be possible to unstick these photographs and change them for other ones. They can be sticked onto anything including a text or a picture without causing its unreadability.

Circular transparent stickers made in advance

This circular transparent sticker with a diameter of 20 mm and motives of five-pointed stars and lion heads is available in our storage. Sticking in the sticker does not affect the visibility of the basis and coloured holographic passing is visible from the specific angles only

Price for 1-100 pieces:  £0.11 no VAT inc.

Price for 100 and more pieces:  £0.09 no VAT inc.


A two-layered transparent hologram made in advance, for ID cards

Two-layered transparent hologram stickers with guilloche are made in advance and we have them on stock all the time. The self-adhesive film with guilloche holographic patterns and texts is aimed for an easy graphical authorization of small series of identification cards. The size of a transparent hologram is given by the most used type of identification cards according to ISO/IEC 7816, and that is 85,725 x 53,975 mm or 33/8" x 21/8". It is a size of credit cards, telephone cards, driving licenses in EU and also company attendance systems or company and club ID cards with a photograph which enables to get to certain areas. Especially the last two mentioned categories tend to use the holographic security items. These cards provide immediate visual authorization and disables to change a photograph. Identification cards with a photograph represent a solid security access to the restricted areas. The only disadvantage of the ID card is when the ID card is stolen; the photograph on the original can be changed. If the whole area is sealed up by this security hologram the photograph cannot be changes without damaging either the hologram or the whole card. Last but not least this transparent film is also used for securing fidelity or sales cards which are widely popular in these days.

To place the hologram onto the card the “hotstamping technology” it is not required because the film has the same layer of glue as other holographic stickers. Even though the holographic effect of rainbow crossings is prominent it has no effect on the readability of the data written in the card because the colorful crossing is only visible under specific light angles. Guilloche emblems are done in one holo layer, blending texts in the other.

Price for 1-100 pieces:  £0.16 no VAT inc.

Price for 100 and more pieces:  £0.13 no VAT inc.