Sigle layered numbered holograms made in advance

Sigle layered numbered holograms made in advance

Universal self-adhesive single layered holograms furnished by a unique serial number. These numbered labels are available in suffiecient number in our storage always. Thanks to numbering it is possible to secure important documents like contracts, decrees, alowances, protocols, certificates, licences, affirmations or assets labeling very effectively. Thanks to the unique number of each hologram its security level highly increases because there will not be sold any seal with the same serial number ever. For low production costs you get security holographic item that reaches levels of security of holograms made by an order in some aspects even though it is sold in series. Unauthorized seal ripping off is easily recognized thanks to the metallic layer which rips off and stays at the basal part of the glue when trying to unstick the self-adhesive sticker.

Sigle layered numbered holographic seal with a basal safety VOID layer

Every one of holographic self-adhesive sticker s has its unique serial number which will not repeat in any other order, there are never 2 sticker s with the same serial number. For securing even higher security this hologram is madew on VOID basis – a special film that increases responsivity to an attempt of ripping off and sticking the sticker to another product. This self-adhesive medium is made to make an attempt to ustick the seal clearly visible right away. When trying to rip the sticker off it gets clearly damaged. After ripping off it leaves a readible text „VOID“ at the top of a film and also at the place it was sticked to.

The seal contains words „SECURITY SEAL“ and a serial number of seven. Unsticking and repeated sticking on is unabled by the technology of its production. When there is an attempt to unstick it the seal gets damaged and text „VOID“ is uncovered (see in the picture).

Parameters of the seal are 45 x 17 mm and titles in it are in two holo layers. Numbered VOID self-adhesive stickers are available in our storage all the time and you can order them in number of 1 or more anytime.

Price for 1-100 pieces:  £0.09 no VAT inc.

Price for 100 and more pieces:  £0.07 no VAT inc.