Master holograms made in advance

Master holograms made in advance

Master original - multi-layered holographic seal "ORIGINAL"

Graphically and visually the most expressive type of hologram stickers made in advance (stock) hologram. During the shooting of the hologram or moving light sources around the sticker there is not found only one or second layer in a rainbow of colors, as it it would be by cheaper two-layered holograms. when light or viewing angle is changed the hologram can be set in motion many graphic elements such as concentric circles, widening the fan of lines, there may be increasing or decreasing the optical motives and implemented flip-flop effect.

All these effects are used to compile this master hologram, so that the color reproduction from all angles and any lighting as varied as possible and to make the movement as possible exhibited kinetic effects - regrouping graphic elements. In stock we have four variants that differ in color film - classic silver hologram, green, yellow and bronze.

Dimensions of master "ORIGINAL" seal are 15 x 15 mm and has rounded corners.

Specify color when ordering:
silver, green, yellow, bronze

Price for 1-100 pieces:  £0.09 no VAT inc.

Price for 100 and more pieces:  £0.07 no VAT inc.