Self-adhesive sticker with flip-flop effect made in advance

Self-adhesive sticker with flip-flop effect made in advance

Flip-flop method uses the fact that holographic schemas in individual layers are visible from a specific observational angle only. In ideal case, when observing the hologram, our eye can only see schemas of one layer of master hologram. When changing the observational angle or rotating the hologram other layers will get visible gradually while the previously seen will vanish. Standard multi-layered predesign of a hologram does not deal with the visibility of the motive from different angles, it is enough that it will be visible from a different angle or in different colours given by a light interference. Flip-flop predesign uses the visibility of individual layers only in specific angle and is aimed to create individually observational layers with different graphics or texts or for animation production.

Multi-layered flip-flop holographic seal

This self-adhesive sticker uses flip-flop hologram with two layered predesign. When creating this type of two layered hologram Dot Matrix hologram technology that maximalizes the angle difference between individual layers is used. In case of two layered holograms this angle is the largest and it decreases with a number of defined layers. Information kept in second layer become visible after sticker’s rotation. Thanks to dispersed light and a fact that people have two eyes and therefore look at the hologram in two angles, the hidden layer is easily visible. However, it does not look disruptive, it does not create specific rainbow passing and does not interfere with the graphic of a second layer. When inclining the hologram a layer with a word „Secured“ and a symbol of Earth takes turns with a layer with a word „Seal“ and a symbol of a lock the way the animation shows it.

Self-adhesive sticker is produced on 50 micron film nad factice glue that glues better than normally used hydrogel one is used.

Parameters of the seal are given by a diamater of 15 mm of a circle. These holographic sticker s with flip-flop effect are available in our storage all the time and you can order them in number of 1 or more anytime.

Price for 1-100 pieces:  £0.14 no VAT inc.

Price for 100 and more pieces:  £0.11 no VAT inc.

Price for 1000 and more pieces:  £0.09 no VAT inc.