Demetallized holograms made in advance

Demetallized holograms made in advance

Demetallizing method of a metallic layer is useful no mater how was the hologram prepared previously (single layered, two layered, with master etc) and can be useful for numbering or text imprinting. This layer is always highly visible and readable. Another way of using this method is to create translucent windows e.g. for visualizing series numbers to which the sticker will be sticked on. Demetallization is also used for transparent holograms production. These holograms are not supposed to cover up the pictures to which they are sticked on. Last but not least, it is a method that allows to create a sticker with arbitrarily shaped edges – e.g. in shape of a seal or a letter with burnt edges. Samples of using this method are found in section of demetallized safety self-adhesive stickers made in advance.

Holographic certification stripe

Self-adhesive certification stripe with the width of 9 mm and length of 200 meters is delivered loaded on a bobbin and therefore can be easily applied to any width or length of materials to which the pasters need to be sticked on. It is primarily suggested as the cheapest alternative to method of hotstamping – ironing holographic items to paper media (diplomas, certificates of training, protocols about tests etc). To achieve as similar result to hotstamping as possible we use the thinniest film we can to make it the least visible when sticked on and to make sure it will not disrupt the relief of a document. For the same reason the layer of glue that is applied is thin. After sticking on the stripe looks like a natural part of a document because it stands out minimally. Final effect is close to hotstamping method without mechanical processing and therefore this method is much cheaper and appliable to any surface or any document.

Hologram is made by a single layered technology on an aluminium basis which unused areas are demetallized. This method of demetallization i sused for making areas that do not carry graphical motives or texts transparent. Increased transparency of holographic self-adhesive sticker is expressed by much smaller influence on original graphical form of a document to which the safety paster was sticked on. At the same time, holographic effects stay highly visible.

Safety self-adhesive sticker is produced by a periodically followed graphical emblem (guilloche) of a width of 6 mm and periodically repeated words „secure-certificate-protected“. Length of one period in the text is 10 cm. Holographic layer colour is silver. Self-adhesive stripe is sold in meters and its multiples.

Price for 10 cm (selling unit of 1m):  £0.11 no VAT inc.

Price for package of 200m:  £68,30 no VAT inc.